Tuesday, 26 June 2012

*TUTORIAL* Coin Envelope Pocket Book

Hey everyone!!! After many requests...here is a tutorial on how I make my little coin envelope pocket book inserts for mini albums ;-) I hope you enjoy the tut!


  1. Such a great project. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Paper Compulsions

  2. What a cute project. There are so many ways to make it by adding other enveloppes. Thanks. Just wanted to let you know that I came upon your blog about a month ago. I love everything you create. You are such an inspiration. I also wanted to tell you that I have wanted to make distressing blocks for all my colors and I finally did it by using discarded Stampin up blocks that were the same size. I took the stamps off and peeled the sticker and voila. It is so much easier to work with a block for every color. Thanks again for that tip. It is nice to meet someone from Canada. I live in Sudbury, Ontario.

  3. This is lovely, i'm definately going to give this a try thank you for taking the time to show us


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